B/4 U Dip, B Sure

A tune about us Sexy, Free-to-Move, Alluringly Seasoned, Marvelously Mature, all-woman. :-) New Single from the CD "Reflections of an Angel" 1st Take

AnitaCaprice is a Spoken Word Performing/Recording Artist.  She is all about Love...Life...Learning.  As a mature woman, AnitaCaprice' delivery is about erasing the tapes what we came to believe in the ups and downs, rounds and abouts of LIFE.  The belief of believing...believing we're not good enuf, don't know enuf, don't have enuf, not deserving and unworthy...this illusion diminishing as we live and learn with each season and come to realize hey, we are EVERYTHING we need & more and Deserve and Worthy of the BEST - why, cause we have the LifeForce of the Creator in US.

Her idea of LIFE is to uniquely express our Love Imagination Faith Expression by the TAPN2 inner tranquility, assurance and happiness, as ordained by the Creator, the Universe and Nature.   She expresses the attributes of our Creator via her spoken word and other creative ideas.  In addition to "Reflections fo an Angel", AnitaCaprice is also the author of: Thought Massage – Messages for Your Mind (a daily reflective intuitive guide), and  “If I” Activity playbook.  AnitaCaprice is also the creator/developer of the TAPN2U SelfRecovery Cards.

Do you have a Wedding, Anniversary, Retirement, Birthday coming up?  Complement your Special Occasion with a Spoken Word by Performing/Recording Artist Anita Caprice.  Her delivery is customized to complement Your occasion and is sure to please.

Coming Soon...New Single {B/4 U Dip, B Sure} from the 1st Take, audio version of "Reflections of an Angel" Book of Affirmations.  Music composed by the talented Guymon Ensley, also featuring the soulful sound of Charles Clark of the Floaters.