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It's a Beautiful Thing to be Alluringly Seasoned and Marvelously Mature :-)

Who is Anita Caprice...She is a Metaphysician Poet/Spoken Word Performing/Recording Artist. She's all about Love...Life...Learning. As a mature woman, Anita Caprice' delivery is about BE Bold, BE Daring BElieve in your Dream.  It's about erasing the tapes of illusion of what some of us have come to believe during cycles & circumstances of LIFE. The belief of believing...believing we're not good enuf, don't know enuf, don't have enuf, not deserving and unworthy...don't remember what the Spiritual Fruit we were gifted before we even breathed our first breath...she's about erasing that illusion. Each season recovering to realize hey, we are EVERYTHING we need & more. Deserve and Worthy of the BEST - why, cause we've walked through the fire and ran through the storm, and the Creator resides inside.  This is all expressed in her Spoken Word Recording & Performance, and book of Poetic Affirmations "Reflections of an Angel" 2X.  The title is, as Anita Caprice sez, "We're all Angels of the Universe and our Reflections are One".

It takes time for the Grape to ripen and when it does...BooYah 

Her idea of LIFE is to uniquely express our Love Imagination Faith Expression by Tapping N2 inner tranquility, assurance and happiness, as ordained by the Creator, the Universe and Nature.   She expresses her Creative via her spoken word and other creative ideas.  

Do you have a Wedding, Anniversary, Retirement, Birthday coming up?  Complement your Special Occasion with a Spoken Word by Performing/Recording Artist Anita Caprice.  Her delivery is customized to complement Your occasion and is sure to illumine and inspire.

Next "Reflections of an Angel" 1st Take Single "It Gives Me Pleasure".  Music composed by the Creative Guymon Ensley, also featuring the soulful Spiritual Fruits of Charles Clark of the Floaters.

"Reflections of an Angel" 1-Woman Stage Production, scheduled for Spring 2018.