MAFE 2018 Women's Conference

B4U Dip B Sure

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B4U Dip B Sure has gone Global ~ Bulgaria, Canada, Ethopia, Indonesia, Mozambique, Peru, South Africa, Tanzania and USA! TYFYHS!!!
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Video Composed by: Angie Yvonne
Music by: Guymon Ensley
Spoken Word by: Anita Caprice

It's a Beautiful Thing to be Alluringly Seasoned and Marvelously Mature :-)

Who is Anita Caprice...She is a Metaphysical Spoken Word Poet (Empowerment Speaker). She's all about Love...Life...Learning. Anita Caprice uses the stage and her spoken poetry as a flatform to deliver the message to TAPN2U and live LIFE from the inside out.  She is author of "Reflections of an Angel - TAPN2U with PoeticPeace" book of Poetic Affirmations.  

As a mature woman, Anita Caprice' delivery is to BE Bold, BE Daring BElieve in your Dream. It's about being knocked down and gettin' back up.   It's about erasing the mental tapes of not being good enuf, don't know enuf, don't have enuf, not deserving and unworthy; confused about why we're here.   Each season recovering to realize hey, we are EVERYTHING we need & more. The answers are on the inside TAPN2 the Creator within You.  We Deserve and are Worthy of the BEST - why, cause we've walked through the fire and ran through the storm, and the Creator resides inside.  This is all expressed in her Spoken Word Poetry, Spiritual Coaching and reflected in her book of Poetic Affirmations "Reflections of an Angel ~ TAPN2U with PoeticPeace  The title is, as Anita Caprice sez, "We're all Angels of the Universe and our Reflections are One".

It takes time for the Grape to ripen and when it does...BooYah 

Her idea of LIFE is to uniquely express our Love Imagination Faith Expression by TappingN2 inner tranquility, assurance and happiness, as ordained by the Creator, the Universe and Nature.   She expresses her Creative via her spoken word poetic affirmations, and other forms of creativity. 



Thank You for reading, PoeticPeace1Love*AnitaC