Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

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Reflections of an Angel 3X

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Reflections of an Angel ~ TAPN2U with PoeticPeace "You will not only be touched by Anita’s words in this book but you can actually feel the love and vibration in those words. She reaches out to your mind, heart and soul! You will be able to find yourself in those moments in time that she shares so openly! Embracing the fear, loss, despair, joy, love, peace, death and rebirth!! Her words radiant renewed hope and healing within a powerful presence! Within these pages vibrate words that also share with you a plan on how to step forward and embrace your journey!! That is why Anita’s book “Reflections of an Angel” is timeless. Our lives are always changing and at any point you can pick up this wonderful book again and see yourself in those pages and feel the warmth and healing of Anita’s words reach out to you!!" ~Vivian Aubin - Girouxville, Alberta (Canada)

PoeticPeace Ensemble

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Upgrade your "Reflections of an Angel" TAPN2U with PoeticPeace, with an Essential Mineral Foot bath ensemble as you soak up affirmations of Poetic Peace. A wonderful complement to your "Reflections of an Angel". Our feet are connected with our Base Chakra; its color red ~ Passion; our Survival, Grounding Chakra. Our feet, also connected with MotherEarth ~ we use them to step into the next phase of our lives. It's important to nurture them, honor, protect and love them, as much as it is important to nourish and nurture our Mind...Body...Soul...Spirit. As you nuture your Base, nuture your Mind...Body...Soul...Spirit with "Reflections of an Angel" TAPN2U with PoeticPeace Affirmations. Sit back, take a nice, deep, gentle breath...Inhale all the Goodness & Fullness of the Universe and exhale, knowing you are releasing what no longer serves you well. Relax with Lavender Essential Mineral Foot Bath Relaxing Lavender: This Essence (aka: Essential) Oil is known to relax our mind (both head and heart), body, soul & Spirit. Also known to heal, soothe & comfort, it is complementary all of our 7 Major Chakras. Allow Lavender Essence oil to relax your Mind & Body, while enjoying your PoeticPeace Affirmations, nourishing and nurturing your Base (your feet). Sit back, feel the warmth, enjoy the aromatics and enhance with PoeticPeace. Take a moment to journey through yourself with yourSelf and TAPN2U with PoeticPeace. You're an Angel...You are and always will be Blessed, in...lifelightPeace1love*anitacaprice

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Download your copy of B4U Dip B Sure. Simply copy & paste Are You Alluringly Seasoned and Marvelously Mature, then you are gonna enjoy this mix of Spoken Word & Jazz. Blend with this Spoken Word, while grooving to the Jazz beat. A definite pick-me-up, a feel-good piece that you can ride to, dance to and speak along...cause You ARE Alluringly Seasoned & Marvelously. Download your copy now. Go to:


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Release...Relax...Renew (with Cedarwood...Lavender...Lemon) Replenish your custom-craft 2.0 oz Mineral Foot bath, complementing your "YOU" time with "Reflections of an Angel" TAPN2U with PoeticPeace. Calming Cedarwood: Release with Cedarwood Essence oil. This Essence oil enhances moments of Meditation, Prayer and Contemplation. A wonderful complement, while nourishing your Base Chakra (your feet) and reading your PoeticPeace Affirmations. Cedarwood helps to maintain balance of our Brow (3rd Eye) & Heart Chakras. Extracted from (you guessed it) woods and also roots, this Essence Oil has been used by Ancient Egyptians, Native Americans and Tibetans. Cedarwood is also mentioned multiple times in the Holy Bible. Relaxing Lavender: Relax with Lavender. This Essence Oil is known to relax mind & body. Lavender is also known to heal, soothe & comfort. It is also known to balance our 7 Major Chakras. Allow Lavender Essence oil to relax your Mind & Body, while enjoying your PoeticPeace Affirmations and nourishing and nurturing your Base. Sit back, feel the warmth and enjoy PoeticPeace. up-Lifting Lemon: Renew with Lemon Essence Oil. Want to feel more uplifted? Lemon Essence oil will do just that. Along with being a natural detoxifier, this Essence Oil naturally uplifts our thoughts, creating enthusiasm. Lemon Essence Oil is also known to assist us in balancing our Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras, helping us to feel an eagerness to move forward with positive intention.