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Release...Relax...Renew (with Cedarwood...Lavender...Lemon) Replenish your custom-craft 2.0 oz Mineral Foot bath, complementing your "YOU" time with "Reflections of an Angel" TAPN2U with PoeticPeace. Calming Cedarwood: Release with Cedarwood Essence oil. This Essence oil enhances moments of Meditation, Prayer and Contemplation. A wonderful complement, while nourishing your Base Chakra (your feet) and reading your PoeticPeace Affirmations. Cedarwood helps to maintain balance of our Brow (3rd Eye) & Heart Chakras. Extracted from (you guessed it) woods and also roots, this Essence Oil has been used by Ancient Egyptians, Native Americans and Tibetans. Cedarwood is also mentioned multiple times in the Holy Bible. Relaxing Lavender: Relax with Lavender. This Essence Oil is known to relax mind & body. Lavender is also known to heal, soothe & comfort. It is also known to balance our 7 Major Chakras. Allow Lavender Essence oil to relax your Mind & Body, while enjoying your PoeticPeace Affirmations and nourishing and nurturing your Base. Sit back, feel the warmth and enjoy PoeticPeace. up-Lifting Lemon: Renew with Lemon Essence Oil. Want to feel more uplifted? Lemon Essence oil will do just that. Along with being a natural detoxifier, this Essence Oil naturally uplifts our thoughts, creating enthusiasm. Lemon Essence Oil is also known to assist us in balancing our Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras, helping us to feel an eagerness to move forward with positive intention.

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Custom craft Mineral Foot Bath: 2.0 oz Sea Salt Epson Salt Black Hawaiian Lava Sea Salt Essential Oil (Flavored interchangingly) Extra Virgin Olive Oil Custom Craft "T" Lite: (Burns up to 5 hours) Soybean wax High Temperature (non-lead) wick Premium fragrance blend (Moment) Complements are exclusively hand crafted for the Angel Product Line by Anita Caprice. Anita Caprice has been a practicing Aromatherapist for many years. She has provided instruction at a local Community College and has been blending recipes for clients since 2004.