Going Back Today

Feb. 22, 2019

Grand Rising & Good Morning 
The Vibe for today is "Restorative Renewing.

The Thought Massage for the day is: "Back in the day, my hobbies were...Today my hobbies are...Are they similar?

The color for today is Great Green. Green represents Growth.

Sometimes we want to go back to glean upon want it is we really yearn for today. I remember ~ on February 6, 2015, I sat on the edge of my bed and involved myself with the first Treasure Map Experience. After finishing it that day, I strolled down Memory Lane, as my pictures reflected those things I used to like to do as a child. I saw images of what I wanted to do when I grew up. Once I reflected on my "Treasure Map or Prayer Portrait" (sometimes I refer to my Map as a Treasure Map, sometimes I say Prayer Portrait), I placed it in a binder. 
This was the beginning of my TM/PP portfolio.

Months later as I was again strolling down Memory Lane, looking at the TM/PP's I've since completed, I stopped at the very first one. As clear as day, it popped out at me that I Am a Markswoman. I like to hit the mark and just as important, I like to help others hit their mark. What a Beautiful Moment of Self Recovery. Yup, sometimes we want to go back to learn more about Beautiful Us ~ that's Growth  Today's a Fabulous Friday to do just that  
Be Blessed 

Photo Credit:  Diego Torres

Thought Massage: Self Recovery Cards by Anita Caprice, Msc.D.
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Feb. 16, 2019

Good Morning 
The Vibe for today is "Self Expression"
The Thought Massage for the day is: "What Motivates Me?"
The color for today is Powerful Purple - Purple is the color of Wisdom.

Out of the Mouths of Babes...My oldest grandson was over last Thursday. We were talking about improvement by practicing something. He then said to me, "Practice makes Better. I don't use the word perfect, cause nobody's perfect, and there's always something to learn". I thought about that and smiled. He is so right! I love this. Then I rephrased that statement (in my head) to reflect his philosophy. Hummm, I felt a quiet confidence in me about the message I'm delivering this month, about me teaching myself on the keyboard. It made me feel really Good! I felt and said to myself, "no worries, the more I practice, the better it gets and I'll reach that point of 'knowing it by heart' in my delivery and reach the point to turn the pages in my lesson book". Oh, Yeah. "Practice Makes Better"  What motivates me today? Practicing, knowing I AM better 

Today's a Good day for practicing. The result will prove it's better than yesterday's practice  
Be Blessed 

Photo taken from:  International Creativity Foundation
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Feb. 1, 2019

The Light of Desire.  We must first feel, be aroused in what we want to do; once we are aroused (have the feeling) it will come to light – the feeling is the blue flame once it is aroused, the white flame rests on it and it continues.

Candle – Our Desire

Torch – Spark of Desire

Blue Flame – the Feeling

White Flame – the continuation of the feeling

There’s a candle that sits and waits in the corner on the shelf.  It’s behind the array of lovely items, colorful items, old and new items.  The candle waits to do what it is created to do – provide Warmth and Light.  The light brings sillouettes to the lovely items, colorful items, old and new items.

Patiently it waits the flicker, the spark to meet, to join as one for it to glow. 

One day it was heard – the sound of a flicker.  One time, two times then three.  A spark appeared and is met with the candle.  It rests for a shared moment.  In the beauty of the darkness, the color blue appears.

Suddenly, the color white and if you look close enough, you’ll see colors red, yellow and sometimes green dance with the vibration of the air.

Watching, this can go on for hours, days even.  Yet once the blue decides to go, so too does the flame.  And the candle waits to be lit yet once again.

(c) 2019

Jan. 2, 2019

Good Day 

I had a lovely dinner with Garnet, Embry and the kids yesterday (my Daughter, Son (in-law) and three of my five Granbabies). After dinner, Embry and I began sharing dialogue about public speaking, which led the conversation to recognizing our purpose...carrying on by understanding what we are to know by heart; an idea I recently learned from Spoken Word Poet/Teacher, Reg E Gaines ("don't memorize it...know it by heart").

Embry then went on to share with me that there is a 7-layer deep Q&A exercise (answering 7 whys) that reveals to us the level/layer of our passion (purpose/mission). In other words, how deep is our understanding of "why" we are pursuing/reaching for it (whatever "it" is for You).

He stated, if we can answer 7 reasons why it is our purpose, then it is deeper than superficial (a simple deductive reasoning). The essence of all this to me is...being able to give 7 reasons "why" by answering 7 questions for our "why", we have not only memorized it...we know it by heart and our "why" is beyond superficial...it is 7-Layers Deep.

Just wanted to share, cause I found this really deep. ;-), in...PoeticPeace1Love*anitacaprice
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Dec. 29, 2018

Good Morning 
If You have moments of melancholy during this time of the season, prayerfully this will soothe you, as it does me. 

For at least the last 15 years, betwixt December 25 and January 1, this has been a time of reflection and introspection for me. It also seems during this time, something will present itself to me that may bring up memories that have caused a little (or a lot) of pain. During this time, there are experiences of emotional sadness (tears even) and a melancholy, subduedness that I can identify as having felt so many times, more than once.  

This year and now at this time is reflection and introspection and yes, this morning came the tears. Asking the Creator, Yeshua and the Holy Spirit to guide me, I was lead to Matthew Chapters 6 & 7.

During my read, a few verses resonated in my heart, interpreted by my mind.

6:22. Don't score keep on others. 
6:28. Don't put so much stock in worrisome, anxious thought. 
6:33. Before any thought about anything or anybody, go within and receive the Creator's council.
7:7. All I have to do is ask...always go to the Source.
7:12. However I want people (humanity) to love me, I will love them. However I want people to think of me, I will think of them in the same way.
7:14. Although it may not be the view of the populace, I will follow the Spiritual Path that is inside my heart. 
7:16. I do not need to guess motivations of others; I only need to trust that we do what we are and see through the lens of my single eye (6:22)
7:25. Whether rain, storm or wind, through it all, keeping my heart and mind (as best I can) centered on Faith and Trust in God within me, I will stand firm cause I'm on solid ground.

All in all, I call this period a time of purging. Clearing out my within, making way for new Goodness to enter. And after reflecting for today, summing it all up for me the answer is:

I'm not asking to change anything or anybody extrinsic of me. I only ask that I am changed within - change me. Change how I think about a person, a thing - in that I no longer think in a way to bring me pain. Love You.