Creatively Speaking

Sep. 27, 2018

What a Blessing. On Saturday, September 22, 2018, I had the privilege and honor to be an opener {sharing my Spoken Word} for the hilarious Comedian John J Bell at my friend, Angie's Birthday Celebration. Yassssssssss!!!

Sep. 18, 2018

Good Morning 
Yes! Today's a Marvelous day to carry it out. Let me ask You...
"What kinda grades in the school of life are on your card right now? Are You giving it your best shot and studying real hard? 
Hard as in Solid. Solid in thought, fun and action...Solid in love, family, friends...Solid with Faith in God your main attraction."
Excerpt: Celebrate (2018)

Sep. 13, 2018
Aug. 26, 2018

What is God's Will for
to receive to share me How?
What is the Light's Will.

Aug. 24, 2018

Notes from an IndieAuthor:
The first publishing of "Reflections of an Angel" Poetic Affirmations First Edition was 1998, after departing 19 years employment with Michigan Department of Corrections. In circa 2015, I was asked if I would consider publishing another edition (as I had no more books available), and she became simply "Reflections of an Angel" Poetic Affirmations. This year (2018), I wanted to publish another book of poetry. I was in a quandrum as to what the name of this book would be. I thought "2 ROAA, there should be a new name for new creations." One day while contemplating this new title, the idea came to me that the name is not to be changed. This book, no matter how many editions would ALWAYS BE "Reflections of an Angel". Why? Because we are all Angels of the Universe and our Reflections are one. This 3rd time around it's "Reflections of an Angel" TAPN2U with PoeticPeace.

My, oh, my...A thought just came to be ~ when I was 16, my grandmother said to me (I remember, we were in the kitchen) that I should share my poetry with others. My response to her was that I didn't want too and I was mostly just gonna keep it to myself and only share with those close to me. Why? Because I was afraid to share my heart, (my thoughts) for fear of others getting to know the true of me...the vulnerable me...the sensitive me...the insecure me. For fear of my words (my heart) being rejected. For fear of perhaps being laughed at. For fear of being criticized for my simplistic style of writing. In fact, not too long ago, someone said to me that my writing was elementary. In truth, many years later that did bother me a little.

Hummm, 46 years later. Here we are ~ The Growth of "Reflections of an Angel" and Me (no longer afraid to share) :-)