Creative Thought

Nov. 30, 2017

Hey...the other day, the Vibe'in Thought Massage was Engage your Gift. Okay, December is upon us and the vibe for this month is building on your Spiritual Fruit (your God-Given Talent), incorporating the Fruits of the Spirit. Did you know, the Desires of our Heart (Dreams) rests within our Spiritual Fruit?

Engage your Gift, trust it. It WILL serve you well. If you think you don't know what it is...without doubt, let me say this to you ~Yes, You Do, cause it's inside of YOU!

Please just take a moment and Rest (Pray, Meditate, Contemplate) on it with an open mind to receive. Intuitive Guidance will come through for you. We have been so conditioned to be OF the world (and some of us have come to believe another's dream is our own) that we just have to, again Rest at least for a moment, and simply be IN it. This brings me to mind, I just shared with someone very close to my heart a simplistic way we can recover our *Intimate Calling ~ Ask while Resting: what is it I love to do and do so well, what circumstance makes me angry and want to change it, and what am I afraid to do. I realize (cause it's been that way for me for years) that last one can stop us and say...Nahhhhhh, that ain't true. I've learned, Yesssssssss it is, and since then, I've finally embraced my Dream. My Dream that I stepped over, tossed aside, was afraid to think about, and eventually forgot about for years.

*Intimate Calling, that's what I call our Purpose.

2017 is the year of New Horizons - Upward, Outward...INWARD. To recover our Spiritual Fruit; that is to represent the Creator in expressing (manifesting) our Intimate Calling. For some reason, I'm able to clarify more for myself when I think and look at it this way...our Intimate Calling with the Creator.

Well now, 2018 is the year for Physical Manifestation of our Spiritual Fruit. We are all Creative, cause the Creator resides inside. We just have to TRUST.

2018 is a Splendid year to really TAPN2U ~

T: Trust You so that you will Trust the Teacher inside of you.

A: Affirm the Divine Presence (I AM) within you.

P: awaken the Part of you that's inside the heart of you.

N: Nurture & Nourish your trust in your in-tuition.

2: declar & affirm the 2Getherness of the One Love

U: Uncover your Spiritual Fruit.

and then, of course, for this we give Thanks, we move out of the way to let it be so and so it IS! TYFYHS!!!

Engage your Gift, trust it. It WILL serve you well. If you think you don't know what it is...without doubt, let me say this to you ~Yes, You Do, cause it's inside of YOU!

Love You,  

If you're so inclined...please feel free to share


Nov. 26, 2017
Mind if I Ask?
Mind if I ask...Are you content with your journey so far? How you feel about yourself?  Sure, we all have things we want to it how we look in our clothes, how we see ourselves standing naked in front of a mirror, are we satisfied with our Love Life, etc.  I could continue, tho I really think you got my point.  What I'm asking, aside from all that - are you in love with you and where you are at this moment...NOW?  Yes, we all want to progress and grow - that's for tomorrow.  Today, when you look at your surroundings, do you smile - take a step back and appreciate the beauty, the aroma of the flowers, perhaps the aroma of the ocean's scent cascading and blending with the wind?


Mind if I you take a measure to treasure the moments of the sun kissing your face and the trace of smiles that greet you throughout the day?


Eventho we may wish for a "better" car, a "bigger" home, more dinero in our hands and bank accounts, do we stop for the moment to appreciate and say "thanx" to the Source for what we've been given today?


Knowing YOU - will bring such quiet joy in the midst of the noise.
Knowing YOU - will bring the Love of your Life into your Life.
Knowing YOU - will fulfill your heart's quest for happiness
When we become aware of who we are, we become less uncertain and insecure...more loving, accepting and appreciative of ourselves and others.  How we thought about all this yesterday is the reflection of today

I love these...

“There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.”-Thich Nhat Hanh
“When we’re on the right path…it ain’t hard, it’s happy” – Me
We hold the creativity to our happiness. No matter what is happening in our life, we hold the power to live joyfully.  Creatively by knowing who we are, expressing the attributes given us by the Creator, allowing the feeling of happiness to emerge magnetically (from the earth {Mind}) and vibrationally (from the cosmos {Heart}).  In essence, powerfully staying tuned with Higher vibration.

Hey, now ain't that a Beautiful Thing!!!

Sep. 26, 2017

Just the other day, I was speaking with a new SisterFriend and we broached and started sharing dialogue about intimate relationships.  In particular, I began to share that my daughters taught me how to proceed with my next intimate relationship with who is to be my Man.

The emphasis on "Just" with the word Friend with the capital "F", he being my Best Friend, my Lover, my Teacher, my Man, my Spiritual Partner.  The "just" just doesn't belong here. 


A lover may be Just a Friend never JUST a Friend.

My Friend, I can share my deepest thoughts, cry my deepest tear.  Show the fear in my eyes as his words rise to the occasion.  My friend, I can pray with, meditate with and comtemplate.  My friend I can make Love with, dance with, sing with and be silly with.  

A lover...may be just a Friend...Never JUST a Friend.

My Friend, we lie down in green pasture and we lead each other beside still water together.

I Love Him, because...He Loves me, because...

my Friend...Never JUST a Friend.

~anitacaprice (c)2015