Creatively Speaking

Oct. 25, 2018

The TAPN2U Acrostic:
TAPN2U is: Self Acceptance, Self Awareness, Self Assurance, Self Recovery ...Raising our Higher Self Esteem
T: Trust You, the you - you do see in the mirror to Trust the Truth of you inside.
A: Acknowledge that the Answer you seek is already inside you.
P: accept the Power resides inside the heart of you.
N: Nurture and Nourish reliance on your intuitive energy
2: Knowledge + Understanding = peace & prosperous manifestation.
U: Uniting your heart's desire with your soul urge.
Anita Caprice 2018 All Rights Reserved
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Sep. 27, 2018

What a Blessing. On Saturday, September 22, 2018, I had the privilege and honor to be an opener {sharing my Spoken Word} for the hilarious Comedian John J Bell at my friend, Angie's Birthday Celebration. Yassssssssss!!!

Sep. 18, 2018

Good Morning 
Yes! Today's a Marvelous day to carry it out. Let me ask You...
"What kinda grades in the school of life are on your card right now? Are You giving it your best shot and studying real hard? 
Hard as in Solid. Solid in thought, fun and action...Solid in love, family, friends...Solid with Faith in God your main attraction."
Excerpt: Celebrate (2018)

Sep. 13, 2018
Aug. 26, 2018

What is God's Will for
to receive to share me How?
What is the Light's Will.