Sep. 26, 2017

Never JUST a Friend - An excerpt of a Monologue

Just the other day, I was speaking with a new SisterFriend and we broached and started sharing dialogue about intimate relationships.  In particular, I began to share that my daughters taught me how to proceed with my next intimate relationship with who is to be my Man.

The emphasis on "Just" with the word Friend with the capital "F", he being my Best Friend, my Lover, my Teacher, my Man, my Spiritual Partner.  The "just" just doesn't belong here. 


A lover may be Just a Friend never JUST a Friend.

My Friend, I can share my deepest thoughts, cry my deepest tear.  Show the fear in my eyes as his words rise to the occasion.  My friend, I can pray with, meditate with and comtemplate.  My friend I can make Love with, dance with, sing with and be silly with.  

A lover...may be just a Friend...Never JUST a Friend.

My Friend, we lie down in green pasture and we lead each other beside still water together.

I Love Him, because...He Loves me, because...

my Friend...Never JUST a Friend.

~anitacaprice (c)2015