Nov. 26, 2017

Mind If I Ask?

Mind if I Ask?
Mind if I ask...Are you content with your journey so far? How you feel about yourself?  Sure, we all have things we want to it how we look in our clothes, how we see ourselves standing naked in front of a mirror, are we satisfied with our Love Life, etc.  I could continue, tho I really think you got my point.  What I'm asking, aside from all that - are you in love with you and where you are at this moment...NOW?  Yes, we all want to progress and grow - that's for tomorrow.  Today, when you look at your surroundings, do you smile - take a step back and appreciate the beauty, the aroma of the flowers, perhaps the aroma of the ocean's scent cascading and blending with the wind?


Mind if I you take a measure to treasure the moments of the sun kissing your face and the trace of smiles that greet you throughout the day?


Eventho we may wish for a "better" car, a "bigger" home, more dinero in our hands and bank accounts, do we stop for the moment to appreciate and say "thanx" to the Source for what we've been given today?


Knowing YOU - will bring such quiet joy in the midst of the noise.
Knowing YOU - will bring the Love of your Life into your Life.
Knowing YOU - will fulfill your heart's quest for happiness
When we become aware of who we are, we become less uncertain and insecure...more loving, accepting and appreciative of ourselves and others.  How we thought about all this yesterday is the reflection of today

I love these...

“There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.”-Thich Nhat Hanh
“When we’re on the right path…it ain’t hard, it’s happy” – Me
We hold the creativity to our happiness. No matter what is happening in our life, we hold the power to live joyfully.  Creatively by knowing who we are, expressing the attributes given us by the Creator, allowing the feeling of happiness to emerge magnetically (from the earth {Mind}) and vibrationally (from the cosmos {Heart}).  In essence, powerfully staying tuned with Higher vibration.

Hey, now ain't that a Beautiful Thing!!!