Jan. 2, 2019

7 Layer Q&A

Good Day 

I had a lovely dinner with Garnet, Embry and the kids yesterday (my Daughter, Son (in-law) and three of my five Granbabies). After dinner, Embry and I began sharing dialogue about public speaking, which led the conversation to recognizing our purpose...carrying on by understanding what we are to know by heart; an idea I recently learned from Spoken Word Poet/Teacher, Reg E Gaines ("don't memorize it...know it by heart").

Embry then went on to share with me that there is a 7-layer deep Q&A exercise (answering 7 whys) that reveals to us the level/layer of our passion (purpose/mission). In other words, how deep is our understanding of "why" we are pursuing/reaching for it (whatever "it" is for You).

He stated, if we can answer 7 reasons why it is our purpose, then it is deeper than superficial (a simple deductive reasoning). The essence of all this to me is...being able to give 7 reasons "why" by answering 7 questions for our "why", we have not only memorized it...we know it by heart and our "why" is beyond superficial...it is 7-Layers Deep.

Just wanted to share, cause I found this really deep. ;-), in...PoeticPeace1Love*anitacaprice
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