Feb. 1, 2019

The Waiting Candle

The Light of Desire.  We must first feel, be aroused in what we want to do; once we are aroused (have the feeling) it will come to light – the feeling is the blue flame once it is aroused, the white flame rests on it and it continues.

Candle – Our Desire

Torch – Spark of Desire

Blue Flame – the Feeling

White Flame – the continuation of the feeling

There’s a candle that sits and waits in the corner on the shelf.  It’s behind the array of lovely items, colorful items, old and new items.  The candle waits to do what it is created to do – provide Warmth and Light.  The light brings sillouettes to the lovely items, colorful items, old and new items.

Patiently it waits the flicker, the spark to meet, to join as one for it to glow. 

One day it was heard – the sound of a flicker.  One time, two times then three.  A spark appeared and is met with the candle.  It rests for a shared moment.  In the beauty of the darkness, the color blue appears.

Suddenly, the color white and if you look close enough, you’ll see colors red, yellow and sometimes green dance with the vibration of the air.

Watching, this can go on for hours, days even.  Yet once the blue decides to go, so too does the flame.  And the candle waits to be lit yet once again.

(c) 2019