Feb. 16, 2019


Good Morning 
The Vibe for today is "Self Expression"
The Thought Massage for the day is: "What Motivates Me?"
The color for today is Powerful Purple - Purple is the color of Wisdom.

Out of the Mouths of Babes...My oldest grandson was over last Thursday. We were talking about improvement by practicing something. He then said to me, "Practice makes Better. I don't use the word perfect, cause nobody's perfect, and there's always something to learn". I thought about that and smiled. He is so right! I love this. Then I rephrased that statement (in my head) to reflect his philosophy. Hummm, I felt a quiet confidence in me about the message I'm delivering this month, about me teaching myself on the keyboard. It made me feel really Good! I felt and said to myself, "no worries, the more I practice, the better it gets and I'll reach that point of 'knowing it by heart' in my delivery and reach the point to turn the pages in my lesson book". Oh, Yeah. "Practice Makes Better"  What motivates me today? Practicing, knowing I AM better 

Today's a Good day for practicing. The result will prove it's better than yesterday's practice  
Be Blessed 

Photo taken from:  International Creativity Foundation
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