Feb. 22, 2019

Memory Lane

Grand Rising & Good Morning 
The Vibe for today is "Restorative Renewing.

The Thought Massage for the day is: "Back in the day, my hobbies were...Today my hobbies are...Are they similar?

The color for today is Great Green. Green represents Growth.

Sometimes we want to go back to glean upon want it is we really yearn for today. I remember ~ on February 6, 2015, I sat on the edge of my bed and involved myself with the first Treasure Map Experience. After finishing it that day, I strolled down Memory Lane, as my pictures reflected those things I used to like to do as a child. I saw images of what I wanted to do when I grew up. Once I reflected on my "Treasure Map or Prayer Portrait" (sometimes I refer to my Map as a Treasure Map, sometimes I say Prayer Portrait), I placed it in a binder. 
This was the beginning of my TM/PP portfolio.

Months later as I was again strolling down Memory Lane, looking at the TM/PP's I've since completed, I stopped at the very first one. As clear as day, it popped out at me that I Am a Markswoman. I like to hit the mark and just as important, I like to help others hit their mark. What a Beautiful Moment of Self Recovery. Yup, sometimes we want to go back to learn more about Beautiful Us ~ that's Growth  Today's a Fabulous Friday to do just that  
Be Blessed 

Photo Credit:  Diego Torres

Thought Massage: Self Recovery Cards by Anita Caprice, Msc.D.
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