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She is Someone's Daughter - Domestic Abuse Violence event 10/2018

TAPN2U Youth Treasure Mapping


Sharing the Love globally.

Newly established, November 2018, Empowerment thru Spoken Word Poetry - TAPN2U Foundation is a Spiritual, private, philanthropic foundation providing services of Inspirational, Encouraging poetry via Spoken Word delivery and motivational lecture (class/seminar). 

The foundation's focus is women who are domestic-abuse survivors, substance-abuse overcomers, women who are in a commitment-confinement setting, our interest expands to service the community whole, by collecting various sundries, clothing, etc. for men, women and children in need.  In addition, to providing programming geared to elevate self efficacy & esteem and empowerment.  We depend on the Love Offerings of various sundries, clothing and monetary gifts to assist us in assisting non-profit organizations assisting these men, women and children.  

Because we are a not-for-profit organization, our services are provided at no cost to recipients.  As such, we also depend on the generous monetary Love Offering gifts of others to afford us the opportunity to share the message of "believe in yourself and live LIFE prosperously from the inside/out".


To empower women (elavating self belief & trust, geared toward survivors of domestic-abuse violence, substance-abuse and commitment confinement.  To bring women closer to God by bringing them closer to themselves. 

Enhancing youth creativity with our student-support TAPN2U Treasure Map Program.

An endorsement:  TAPN2U Student-Support Goal-Setting Treasure Mapping Program

“Murphy Performance Academy has been fortunate to be provided a free student support program offered by Ms. Anita Powell. The Treasure Mapping Program has helped groups of our students to develop visioning and goal setting skills, which they had not previously been exposed. This has proven to be very helpful especially for our student population. Murphy Performance Academy is a former K-8 Detroit Public School, which the State of Michigan identified as one of 15 schools to come under the new Education Achievement Authority (EAA). These 15 schools had a student population that consistently performed well below the national and state academic standards, and had additional at-risk characteristics such as low SES and adverse behavior challenges. The opportunity for our students to receive this program has allowed them to grow, plan and see themselves achieving beyond their zip code. We at Murphy Performance Academy are extremely grateful for this program, and highly recommend it to other groups who may be fortunate to be offered the opportunity to receive it.”
~Mr. Jackson (Detroit, MI)


To positively affect our community by inspiring, encouraging and empowering women elevating Self trust, belief, recovery via Spoken Word and Inner Personal Development workshop compendium. 

To share an activity enhancing a child's creativity and imagination.


  • When we believe more in ourselves, we become an integrated part of our community.
  • Increased Self love can bring marriages closer.
  • Elevate unity within the familial unit.
  • Decrease division amoung SisterWomanhood.
  • When we become more confident in our abilities, we are apt to share those abilities with others, (i.e. in the workplace).
  • Confidence births recognized creativity.
  • Creativity brings forth the solidarity of ideas.
  • Ideas can satisfy a supply & demand produces revenue.
  • With revenue, we are able to provide for our families and contribute to our community.
  • Healthy relationships are formed.
  • Enhancing the creativity and imagination in children.

Empowerment thru Spoken Word Poetry - TAPN2U Foundation is a 501(c)(3), registered with the State of Michigan.

RevDr Anita C Powell, Founder

Anita Caprice is a Metaphysical Counselor/Teacher, Author/Spoken Word Poet, certified TAPN2U Life Coach and Michigan Unemployment Appeals Advocate for the unemployed worker.