AnitaCaprice also enjoys her work of service as a Spiritual Mentor and Teacher, using the Theocentric approach.  If you want to recover and realize your Spiritual Fruits, she will help you.   Coined the ALC (Amazing Life Coach), she blends teaching, personal and continued academic knowledge, experience to help and guide you to move beyond positive thinking to simply Being positive.  AnitaCaprice merge tools & commune activities, promoting meditation, prayer (declaration), contemplation, self Visualization, gratitude and affirmation. She believes partnering and sharing with you the LIFE Formula will help you and she achieve intentions, being in the center of our happyness.   Her Formula opens the portal to catch dreams and weave them into manifestation.   “As we continue together on our journey of self acceptance, awareness, assurance and recovery,  we begin to feel the freedom of Love & Harmony, and with assurance and prosperity, share our Light with others”.  As M. Kelly writes in “The Rhythm of Life”, our heart is on a quest for happiness.

Along with expressing the attributes of the Creator in her delivery of the Spoken Word, she's created and developed material/programs, designed for Recovering the Power Within such as:

TAPN2U Treasure Map Experience
TAPN2U Inner Recovery cards - A Game
YOU - Your Own Universe
4Self - Awareness Acceptance Assurance Recovery  
LIFE Home Study

In addition to "Reflections of an Angel" she is the writer of the following works:

Thought Massage - Message to Massage Your Mind {An Intuitive Guide}
If I...Then I Am Booklet
TAPN2U - Live LIFE from the Inside/out

On An Other Note:

AnitaCaprice is a mother of Beautiful twin daughters (two sons-in-law) and grandmother to Precious grandchildren of five, an award-winning Author of Poetic Affirmations, with her works being included in various Anthologies.  She is the recipient of a Betty’s Award for her performance in “Laura” with the Rosedale Community Players.  AnitaCaprice is also a Licensed Massage Therapist & Master Reiki Practitioner.  

AnitaCaprice had 19 years tenure with the Michigan Department of Corrections, before venturing out on a wing and a prayer. She also served as Precinct Delegate,  while residing on Detroit’s east side.  She provides consultation & representation services as a Michigan Unemployment Appeals Advocate for unemployed workers  and has been serving in this capacity for over ten years.  Her name being an acrostic, “And Now I’ve Taught Another” is the essence of this woman; and as she says, “Together we catch dreams, weave them into manifestation, living LIFE from the inside out”.

AnitaCaprice' idea is that we are here to represent the Goodness, the Fullness of LIFE and to help each other represent the Goodness, the Fullness of LIFE.  On and on…and like sands in the hour glass, so are the many ways we may represent the Goodness, the Fullness of LIFE (Love Imagination, Faith & Expression).  She embraces a philosophy to move beyond positive thinking to simply BE-ing positive, cause the destination IS in our favor.  

AnitaCaprice is a Metaphysician, having obtained her Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Philosophy, from the University of Metaphysics.  She is a Certified Aromatherapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and is a graduate of the Universal Coach Institute, National Institute of Technology (Everest College), Reiki Blessings Academy.  She is in Good Standing with the International Metaphysical Ministries, an affiliate with the Internal Natural Healers Association, and Universal Coach Institute.  

AnitaCaprice is actively pursuing her Doctorate in Theocentric Psychology at the University of Sedona, studying the keyboard to complement music with her PoeticPeace Affirmations and, this year accomplished a segment of her long-time dream (1st Single Spoken Word CD - more listening pleasure to come)

AnitaCaprice performs her Spoken Word throughout Michigan and surrounding states, with the hopes of travelling nationally and internationally.


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Anita continues to reside, facilitate, Poetically perform and volunteer her time, talent and treasure in the Detroit Metropolitan area.