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I love her. The times I’ve experienced her presence in person were priceless. #inspiration Anita Caprice
~N. Nay - Michigan (04/08/2019)

Sister Anita you were absolutely amazing! Wonderful memories were made tonight. We were blessed and uplifted by ur words. Love you❤💞
~S. Byrd - Michigan (03/14/2019)

At the party last we had a little entertainment for the people. When I say they rocked the house I mean they rocked the house. Thank you sooooo much Anita Caprice for your spoken word piece. It was absolutely beautiful!!! You definitely had the crowd engaged. You are AWESOME!!!! John J. Bell omg you had my side hurting from laughing soooo hard. You did your thing. The crowd for sure enjoyed you. You are definitely in the right profession!!! Thanks a million for rocking the crowd!!!!! If anyone ever need a spoken word artist Anita is your girl and for a great comedy show hit up J. Bell.
~A. Yvonne - Michigan (09/22/2018)

You are an inspiration to us all sister Anita C Powell AND I Love the poetry that you fed to our Family for thought provoking nourishment at Dwayne AND my Wedding 3 years ago.  What a breath taking of fresh air You are God's Heart to Us all. 
~C. Dey - Michigan (07/11/2017)

 A very inspiring and motivating individual. Upbeat, positive, and energetic!!!! Captured the crowd with her creativity and speech!
~M. Dawson - Michigan (02/07/2017)

 Anita performed poetry at my wedding & did a phenomal job! Her performance added a great element to the ceremony.
S. Caldwell - Michigan (02/02/2017)

Oh, what a beautiful day with Open Hands & Beyond The Bars Ministries at New Bethel Baptist Church. The dynamic speaker, Sister Anita C. Powell (Beautiful You and Your Intimate Calling), gave an informational and inspirational message to all who attended. Thank you my sister/friend for the encouragement. May God continue to bless you in your endeavors.
~Y. Howard – Detroit (05/31/2015)


Book of Poetic Affirmations

I love Anita’s poetic affirmations Reflections of an Angel2x and I was surprised that my husband does too! He asks me to read it aloud when I’m reading it. It has truly brought fuel to our fire 🔥 of love ❤️. Thanks Anita! 
~ L. R. Mico - Michigan (01/31/2018)

 I purchased a book by Anita Caprice about a week ago. Book: Reflections of An Angel2x: (Poetic Affirmations).  Page 14 really blessed me: Title Destiny quote from her book, "Dream on, don't hesitate. Have courage, your FAITH will see you through. Limit not your hope, your scope, your vision, believe the unseen; your dream shall come true.  Then she said "Only you can produce that what is in your mind. The world is waiting patiently, for you to give what you dream to humankind."  Thank you Anita for blessing me. I'm still reading your book. 

This is not a sells pitch - just sharing truth and appreciation when someone blesses you. Let's encourage each other. Thanks for reading until the end. Believe in yourself and Have FAITH!
~ G. M. Hudson, Pastor - Michigan (01/26/2018)

 I finally had the time, last night , to indulge in your sweet gifts and most of all to have this special treat of listening to your CD and I seriously read your deeply touching poems and poetry from beginning to end. I couldn't put it down!!! Can't begin to tell you HOW much I love it. It truly reaches my soul and therefore I know it will have to reach thousands more. Sweet sister, you are a gift to humanity! Your voice alone makes me feel connected! Connected to all women since the beginning. May you stay blessed in everything you do.
Judith N. McR - North Carolina (11/17/2017)

I love your book.  You are an inspiration.
~Lucretia S. - Michigan (07/10/2017)

"The writings in "Reflections of an Angel" speaks to the heart of the soul and awakening your inner child to remain still and take to heart the comforting words expressed. Get ready to wrap up with a hot cup of tea, by a fireplace, and your favorite blanket, because that's how this book makes you feel; all warm inside."
~Judith Cooper - Michigan (05 Dec 16)




Ok I had to read the little card "Reflections of an Angel" I must say "that's the kind of woman I could grow old with". I love the fact that she recognizes "I'm Perfection in her imperfection" the way you laid that down is tight. Funny, Sexy, and Jazzy she's most definitely a class A act. Cuz I'm definitely and truly in love with this spoken word and of course music is very Smooth, Hip, and very Jazzy... Outstanding job cuz..."
~John P. - Florida (11/13/2017)

You have been seductively cautioned...

 Sultry, Sexy, and smooth ...yep, that is Anita "powerhouse" Caprice sharing with us her poetic words of creative caution as only she can. Her vibe will captivate you to proceed with caution b4 you dip, but allure you into not only taking a dip, but to jump right in for a swim into her mind. I was left wanting more of the jazzy beat! Oh, and that sultry laugh will invite to you to come right in because the water is the right temperature...but be ready, she just might pull something out of her purse....Well, you have been seductively cautioned!
~Coach TBankston - Michigan (11/01/2017)

 I felt this was so smooth. Had me connected to my feminine spirit and embracing how eclectic I am as a woman. Thank you Anita for creating such a silky and smooth message reminds me of the work our Greats have done Maya Angelou, Gwendolyn Brooks & Sonia Sanchez, just to name of few! Love it!
~Tamera J. S. - Texas (11/01/2017)

"Ok, this is truly for the grown and sexy . Ladies take a listen for an awakening. Men need to listen just to recognize....LOL!! I love this! Anita you did your thing girl. Yaaaaassss!"
Adrian L. - Michigan (10/30/2017)

Listen! Listen! Honey L-I-S-T-E-N!!

If you are ready to break free from the day to day mundane hustle and bustle of life or those thoughts that keep you in bondage and far removed from your beauty and authenticity; you want to just unplug and tap into that "free to be me" kinda feeling, this is for you.

"B4U Dip B Sure" Is a sexy and soulful sound that marries the old school to the new. It is that sound that you can ride to. It is that sound that I would hear in my aunt's back yard as she and her girls would sip their wine, play cards and talk about how fine Billy Dee was (I'm young but I'm an old soul, I remember). It is that sound of realness that would roll of the lips of someone like a Betty Wright. I could go on and on but I think this beautiful and talented Artist and her honest Artistry speaks for itself.

"B4U Dip B Sure" to Grab it. If you are anything like me, you will forever enjoy watching and listening as Anita continues to water the seeds of the immeasurable greatness that is within us.

Be love, be laughter, be light and be sure!
-XOXO Big Fan
~LaTia R. - Michigan (10/30/2017)

"Jazzy, smooth, and upbeat!"
Z.  Brown - Michigan (10/28/2017)

"Just purchased B4U Dip B Sure AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
~Michelle B. - New Jersey (10/26/2017)

I got mine today! I truly love the richness of your voice & the reflective words. It feels like Maya Angelou incarnate.
~Brooke B. - Georgia (10/25/2017)